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Que Calor

June 28, 2010


Was only able to make it to one class this week on Thursday.   It was only one class, but boy was it brutal because of this heat wave that came through Jersey.  Oofa!  The building where the school is located is so old it doesn’t have any air conditioning only a few ceiling fans.  So when it’s 96 outside, it’s 110 inside there.  It then goes up to 120 when you through in 6 guys and jiu-jitsu.  Add in the fans turning the oven that is the room into a convection oven and you get death.

We trained on some simple techniques, but the air was so thick and hot that it made everything harder.  We worked on taking down your opening when they stand up in your guard.  And that’s about all I remember.  I was out of breath after just a few minutes and was soaked.  And couldn’t recover.  Ended up not doing the open mat because I just couldn’t get my strength back.

Looking forward to getting back on the mat on Tuesday.  Talk to you then.

Chau e bom dia!


Bom e Mal

June 19, 2010


Today’s class was shorter than normal because our instructor had a private lesson he had to give so we only went an hour versus the usual hour and a half.  We started with defending a sucker punch by applying the clinch and then pulling your attacker’s head down into a guillotine.

I got paired up with a white belt named Armando who is a nice guy, but you have to tell him to do the same thing over and over again.  And the things you end up telling him over and over aren’t the specific techniques it’s the set up stuff so that he applies them correctly.

For example, when you’re getting sucker punched you aren’t supposed to stand there with your hands up ready to box, your feet in a fighting stance and your chin tucked in.  You’re supposed to be surprised, which is why it’s called a sucker punch.  I had to keep telling him to square his body to me.

He also would go really fast and wouldn’t set up the next portion of the move correctly.  I kept telling him not to do that because the attacker could easily react to what he was doing.  Instead of putting his hands behind my head and pulling it down to apply the  guillotine,  he kept putting me in a pseudo-headlock.

It was obvious to me that he had to be shown that he wouldn’t be able to complete the technique rather than told over and over again so I framed my arm into his chin and pushed.  After another 3 times he got it.

He’s lucky I’m patient because some of our other guys would have started smashing him.  Especially one of our PBs named Nick.  He’s a cop and has no patience for guys who don’t get it.  He has made it known that he doesn’t like to be paired up with white belts.  If Armando had been with him it would have been bad.  Really bad.

Anyway, our instructor had us switch partners and we worked on applying the triangle from the guard as your attacker is trying to pass your guard.  I suck at triangles.  I really had to take some time, partner up with one of the higher belts and work on applying them.  Especially if I’m up against a bigger guy.  It’s not good that I’ve been doing B.J.J. for two years and I still struggle with it.  Not that I expect to have it perfect, but each time I work on it, it feels like I’ve just learned it.

So then we worked on blocking a punch from the guard and applying a kimora.  That was fine.  Good stuff to go over.

Our instructor announced the end of class and we went into open mat.  I partnered up with this blue belt named Bob.  He’s older and small, but all technique.  Like fierce technique.  Like I wish I was even a 10th as technical as him.  I really enjoy working with him because I know I’ll get tapped by technique not become someone muscled me into tapping.

Bob and I went back and forth for a while, which was awesome.  It totally was a chess match.  I loved it.  If only he could come to class more often.  Because of his work he can only come once a week.  The best part is that he’s a super nice guy.  It’s really a pleasure rolling with him.

Then, I rolled with BB Luis and I totally got pwned.  Something went out the window in my head and NOTHING worked.  It was like my brain fell out of my head before we started and I couldn’t do anything.  I think I tapped to him 5 times in 8 minutes.  It was pathetic.

On a different note I made the Ryron Gracie special juice this morning and it was really good.  I didn’t think I would like it as much because papaya is an odd fruit.  Usually I eat it by itself covered in lime.  Mixing it with other fruits seems odd to me.  But the result was really good.

The only difference is that I don’t have a juicer, I just threw everything in the blender and went to town.  Check out the recipe in the video below and enjoy.

Muito Traino

June 16, 2010


Been so swamped with work and extra curricular activities that I’ve only been able to post today.  Saturday’s class was an OK class.  We didn’t work on many things because our instructor had a private lesson so we ended after only an hour and then started sparring.  I rolled with this blue belt named Steve.  He’s an older guy, but he’s a terrible training partner.  All he does is turtle up and stay that way.  He doesn’t do anything.  You end up just controlling him and trying different things hoping something will catch.  It’s actually a big complaint some of the other jiu-jiteiros have about him.  I went for 10 minutes with him and that was it.  Then I went with a white belt and did really well.  Tapped him with a kimora and a key lock.

Today we had another relatively easy class.  We worked on take down done by grabbing the waist and then worked a butterfly-guard technique, which I’ve never done ever.  You end up arm-dragging your attacker and then take their back.  You can apply a mate leao or maneuver for an armbar.  The mate leao technique is easy and it’s something I’ve done countless times.  It’s one of my favorite chokes.  The arm bar was a bit tricky, but I surprised myself with how well I did with it.

Then, we started the open mat.  I rolled with BB Luis and got tapped a lot.  My brain basically short circuited.  I couldn’t defend anything for my life.  I kept getting caught in half guard and would find myself swept onto my back.  Then, he’d mount me and I would let myself get panicked and try all sorts of stupid escapes that would get me caught in something.

It was really dumb and I was really disappointed in myself.  I will do better on Saturday.  That’s a promise.  That is, if I make it.  My fridge went on the fritz, which means I may end up having to buy one this weekend versus going to BJJ.

Chau e bom dia!

Foi Uma Hola Fantastica!

June 10, 2010


Class was awesome on Tuesday!  So awesome.  I was in the zone and it felt good.  We started with a technique where you defend a sucker punch by clinching your attacker.  Then, you swim through their arms, grab the back of their head, bring it down and apply a guillotine.  Then, we worked on the defense from that guillotine, where after they wrap their arms around your neck, you slide to the side, crimp their knee and bring them to the floor.  You apply pressure to their neck with your shoulder and if the guy isn’t stupid he’ll let go.

Now, you’re in side mount and we worked on applying a kimora from that position.  I really like kimoras, it’s a very effective shoulder lock and just like the key lock, it doesn’t take a lot to get your attacker to tap.  Then, we worked on a chock from that position, should you lose control of your attacker’s arm, which is pretty much an arm triangle.  Very affective.  I have to keep this stuff in mind the next time I spar.  I tend to go for key locks a lot, but I’m going to switch my strategy.  Go more for kimoras and chokes.

Then, we started the open mat and this is where I rocked.  I grabbed the timer and was about to set it for 10 minutes when one of our purple belts named Arthur argued (quite heavily actually) to make it 5 minute rounds.  No one else protested so I set the timer to 5.  I was surprised I prefer 10 minute rounds because I really use a patient approach to my game and 5 minutes doesn’t give me a lot of time to apply my strategy.  No big deal it’s just something I had to adjust.

I started with this white belt named Sasha.  He’s really strong (see a previous post where he pulled on my bicep when trying to apply an armbar) and doesn’t know a lot so he tries things at certain times that he really shouldn’t and he tends to use a lot of strength.  So I let him go for a while and then turned things around in my favor.  I got him in side mount and then applied a key lock.  We re-set and I got to take his back, which is something I don’t normally do and almost had him when the timer went.  It was good.  I was really happy with my performance.

Then, I went with BB Luis who got me really fast.  I don’t remember what he got me with, but it felt like he got me in 10 seconds.  We re-set and I spent a lot of time in side mount.  I was controlling him and thinking about what to do next when the timer sounded.  No big deal.  I was happy that I was in a dominant position and held it for a while before time ran out.

Then, I rolled with PB Steve.  That was awesome.  We ended up rolling for a good 20 minutes, 5 minutes, re-set, 5 minutes, re-set, etc.  It was great.  Out of the 4 times we rolled I think he only got me twice, which is a lot less than he used to get me so I was really happy.

Me, Luis and Steve were the last ones to leave so we were sitting there talking in the changing room about the open mat.  It was cool to talk and review things and then we all walked out together.  Great night.  I was so energized I didn’t fall asleep until 1AM.  I dragged all day today, but it was worth it.  Hopefully, the next class is just as good.

Chau e bom dia!

Bati Uma Parede!

June 8, 2010


Saturday’s class was really good.  I must be on one of those crests that I’ve spoken about before.   Our instructor couldn’t teach class because he was busy fixing the toilet that someone broke.  He was making sarcastic remarks all day, it was pretty funny.  So PB Steve taught the class.  He asked if anyone had anything specific they’d like to work on so I requested mount attacks/escapes.  And that’s what we did!  🙂

The way the lesson flowed is we worked on an attack and then an escape.  First we started off with the collar choke from the mount.  I love this choke, if you get your hands in you’ve got it.  Even if your opponent escapes your mount and ends up in your guard you’ve still got them (it’s happened to me a dozen times).  Then, we worked on the basic bump and roll from there to escape the amount and end up in your opponent’s guard.

I don’t really have a problem with that escape, it’s pretty easy and effective.  The only thing that I keep telling myself is not to turn my hips until I feel my opponent’s weight go completely forward.  It makes the technique so much easier to perform because you’re not using a lot of muscle.

Then, we worked on the key lock from the mount and the basic elbow escape.  That’s the one I wanted to work on the most.  We did that one for a long time.  It was especially good for me given the fact that I was partnered up with this white belt named Bob who is just shy of 300lbs.  Then, we started drilling mount escapes.  This is where the class got good.

Me and 3 other guys ended up on our backs and our goal was to escape the mount.  If we escaped we stayed in and kept escaping.  The other guys would just keep coming.  It was great.  I escaped the mount every time except one.  This white belt names Sasha was attempting to armbar me.  He’s really strong and was putting a lot of muscle into it.  I just about had the defense locked in so he couldn’t do it, but for some reason I moved my hand out instead of in and he got it.

No big deal.  Considering that I was in there for a good 10 minutes made me happy.  I actually did a lot of the escapes correctly.  It was very satisfying.

Then we started the open mat and for some reason my energy level completely hit a wall (hence the title of this post).  I partnered up with PB Steve, we gave each other a high five and started.  I pushed him backwards in order to get in his guard and he kept it open.  So I pinned his one leg to the ground and circled around him and got into side mount.  Then, all of a sudden I had NOTHING left.  My gas tank was completely empty.

I ended up becoming a grappling dummy. Instead of the usual 4 or 5 times he submits me, he got me 10 times.  I don’t know what happened.  I was just done.  I ended up laying on the floor for a while trying to catch my breath and get my energy back.  He came over at one point and asked if I was OK.  It was so weird and a bit frustrating.  I hoped I would do at least two rounds of rolling.  Oh well.

Tonight is another class, hopefully the gas tank is nice and full and I’ll be able to do the open mat and get some good rolling in.

Esta Tao Quente!

June 3, 2010


Feeling good, feeling good!  Had a great class yesterday.  The only bad thing was that it was 150 degrees in our school.  Our school does not have air conditioning so we were kickin’ it old school.  It was brutal.  Training in a gi is rough, training in a gi when it’s 150 degrees is even worse.  It was so hot that no one participated in the open mat.

Anyway, we started working on defense when attacked from behind and then worked on basic guard passes.  Awesome.  Loved it.  We did only two techniques for the entire hour and twenty minutes and I loved it.  That’s why I’m so energized: it was great going over those techniques for such a long time.

And that was class.  Simple yet so instructive.  Can’t wait for class on Saturday.

Chau e Bom Dia!