Esta Tao Quente!


Feeling good, feeling good!  Had a great class yesterday.  The only bad thing was that it was 150 degrees in our school.  Our school does not have air conditioning so we were kickin’ it old school.  It was brutal.  Training in a gi is rough, training in a gi when it’s 150 degrees is even worse.  It was so hot that no one participated in the open mat.

Anyway, we started working on defense when attacked from behind and then worked on basic guard passes.  Awesome.  Loved it.  We did only two techniques for the entire hour and twenty minutes and I loved it.  That’s why I’m so energized: it was great going over those techniques for such a long time.

And that was class.  Simple yet so instructive.  Can’t wait for class on Saturday.

Chau e Bom Dia!


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