Bati Uma Parede!


Saturday’s class was really good.  I must be on one of those crests that I’ve spoken about before.   Our instructor couldn’t teach class because he was busy fixing the toilet that someone broke.  He was making sarcastic remarks all day, it was pretty funny.  So PB Steve taught the class.  He asked if anyone had anything specific they’d like to work on so I requested mount attacks/escapes.  And that’s what we did!  🙂

The way the lesson flowed is we worked on an attack and then an escape.  First we started off with the collar choke from the mount.  I love this choke, if you get your hands in you’ve got it.  Even if your opponent escapes your mount and ends up in your guard you’ve still got them (it’s happened to me a dozen times).  Then, we worked on the basic bump and roll from there to escape the amount and end up in your opponent’s guard.

I don’t really have a problem with that escape, it’s pretty easy and effective.  The only thing that I keep telling myself is not to turn my hips until I feel my opponent’s weight go completely forward.  It makes the technique so much easier to perform because you’re not using a lot of muscle.

Then, we worked on the key lock from the mount and the basic elbow escape.  That’s the one I wanted to work on the most.  We did that one for a long time.  It was especially good for me given the fact that I was partnered up with this white belt named Bob who is just shy of 300lbs.  Then, we started drilling mount escapes.  This is where the class got good.

Me and 3 other guys ended up on our backs and our goal was to escape the mount.  If we escaped we stayed in and kept escaping.  The other guys would just keep coming.  It was great.  I escaped the mount every time except one.  This white belt names Sasha was attempting to armbar me.  He’s really strong and was putting a lot of muscle into it.  I just about had the defense locked in so he couldn’t do it, but for some reason I moved my hand out instead of in and he got it.

No big deal.  Considering that I was in there for a good 10 minutes made me happy.  I actually did a lot of the escapes correctly.  It was very satisfying.

Then we started the open mat and for some reason my energy level completely hit a wall (hence the title of this post).  I partnered up with PB Steve, we gave each other a high five and started.  I pushed him backwards in order to get in his guard and he kept it open.  So I pinned his one leg to the ground and circled around him and got into side mount.  Then, all of a sudden I had NOTHING left.  My gas tank was completely empty.

I ended up becoming a grappling dummy. Instead of the usual 4 or 5 times he submits me, he got me 10 times.  I don’t know what happened.  I was just done.  I ended up laying on the floor for a while trying to catch my breath and get my energy back.  He came over at one point and asked if I was OK.  It was so weird and a bit frustrating.  I hoped I would do at least two rounds of rolling.  Oh well.

Tonight is another class, hopefully the gas tank is nice and full and I’ll be able to do the open mat and get some good rolling in.


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