Muito Traino


Been so swamped with work and extra curricular activities that I’ve only been able to post today.  Saturday’s class was an OK class.  We didn’t work on many things because our instructor had a private lesson so we ended after only an hour and then started sparring.  I rolled with this blue belt named Steve.  He’s an older guy, but he’s a terrible training partner.  All he does is turtle up and stay that way.  He doesn’t do anything.  You end up just controlling him and trying different things hoping something will catch.  It’s actually a big complaint some of the other jiu-jiteiros have about him.  I went for 10 minutes with him and that was it.  Then I went with a white belt and did really well.  Tapped him with a kimora and a key lock.

Today we had another relatively easy class.  We worked on take down done by grabbing the waist and then worked a butterfly-guard technique, which I’ve never done ever.  You end up arm-dragging your attacker and then take their back.  You can apply a mate leao or maneuver for an armbar.  The mate leao technique is easy and it’s something I’ve done countless times.  It’s one of my favorite chokes.  The arm bar was a bit tricky, but I surprised myself with how well I did with it.

Then, we started the open mat.  I rolled with BB Luis and got tapped a lot.  My brain basically short circuited.  I couldn’t defend anything for my life.  I kept getting caught in half guard and would find myself swept onto my back.  Then, he’d mount me and I would let myself get panicked and try all sorts of stupid escapes that would get me caught in something.

It was really dumb and I was really disappointed in myself.  I will do better on Saturday.  That’s a promise.  That is, if I make it.  My fridge went on the fritz, which means I may end up having to buy one this weekend versus going to BJJ.

Chau e bom dia!


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