Bom e Mal


Today’s class was shorter than normal because our instructor had a private lesson he had to give so we only went an hour versus the usual hour and a half.  We started with defending a sucker punch by applying the clinch and then pulling your attacker’s head down into a guillotine.

I got paired up with a white belt named Armando who is a nice guy, but you have to tell him to do the same thing over and over again.  And the things you end up telling him over and over aren’t the specific techniques it’s the set up stuff so that he applies them correctly.

For example, when you’re getting sucker punched you aren’t supposed to stand there with your hands up ready to box, your feet in a fighting stance and your chin tucked in.  You’re supposed to be surprised, which is why it’s called a sucker punch.  I had to keep telling him to square his body to me.

He also would go really fast and wouldn’t set up the next portion of the move correctly.  I kept telling him not to do that because the attacker could easily react to what he was doing.  Instead of putting his hands behind my head and pulling it down to apply the  guillotine,  he kept putting me in a pseudo-headlock.

It was obvious to me that he had to be shown that he wouldn’t be able to complete the technique rather than told over and over again so I framed my arm into his chin and pushed.  After another 3 times he got it.

He’s lucky I’m patient because some of our other guys would have started smashing him.  Especially one of our PBs named Nick.  He’s a cop and has no patience for guys who don’t get it.  He has made it known that he doesn’t like to be paired up with white belts.  If Armando had been with him it would have been bad.  Really bad.

Anyway, our instructor had us switch partners and we worked on applying the triangle from the guard as your attacker is trying to pass your guard.  I suck at triangles.  I really had to take some time, partner up with one of the higher belts and work on applying them.  Especially if I’m up against a bigger guy.  It’s not good that I’ve been doing B.J.J. for two years and I still struggle with it.  Not that I expect to have it perfect, but each time I work on it, it feels like I’ve just learned it.

So then we worked on blocking a punch from the guard and applying a kimora.  That was fine.  Good stuff to go over.

Our instructor announced the end of class and we went into open mat.  I partnered up with this blue belt named Bob.  He’s older and small, but all technique.  Like fierce technique.  Like I wish I was even a 10th as technical as him.  I really enjoy working with him because I know I’ll get tapped by technique not become someone muscled me into tapping.

Bob and I went back and forth for a while, which was awesome.  It totally was a chess match.  I loved it.  If only he could come to class more often.  Because of his work he can only come once a week.  The best part is that he’s a super nice guy.  It’s really a pleasure rolling with him.

Then, I rolled with BB Luis and I totally got pwned.  Something went out the window in my head and NOTHING worked.  It was like my brain fell out of my head before we started and I couldn’t do anything.  I think I tapped to him 5 times in 8 minutes.  It was pathetic.

On a different note I made the Ryron Gracie special juice this morning and it was really good.  I didn’t think I would like it as much because papaya is an odd fruit.  Usually I eat it by itself covered in lime.  Mixing it with other fruits seems odd to me.  But the result was really good.

The only difference is that I don’t have a juicer, I just threw everything in the blender and went to town.  Check out the recipe in the video below and enjoy.


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