Que Calor


Was only able to make it to one class this week on Thursday.   It was only one class, but boy was it brutal because of this heat wave that came through Jersey.  Oofa!  The building where the school is located is so old it doesn’t have any air conditioning only a few ceiling fans.  So when it’s 96 outside, it’s 110 inside there.  It then goes up to 120 when you through in 6 guys and jiu-jitsu.  Add in the fans turning the oven that is the room into a convection oven and you get death.

We trained on some simple techniques, but the air was so thick and hot that it made everything harder.  We worked on taking down your opening when they stand up in your guard.  And that’s about all I remember.  I was out of breath after just a few minutes and was soaked.  And couldn’t recover.  Ended up not doing the open mat because I just couldn’t get my strength back.

Looking forward to getting back on the mat on Tuesday.  Talk to you then.

Chau e bom dia!


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