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Meu Deus!

August 26, 2010


Had a great class last night.  We started training a technique performed when an attacker grabs your lapel.  You pin his wrist to your chest, step towards him, swing underneath that arm you have trapped, end up at his back and raise his arm to make him tap.

Then, we moved on to attacks and escapes from side mount.  First was the escape, where you push your hips away from your attacker, slide your knee in between you, push off of that knee and then put them in your guard.  Then, we worked on variations of that escape along with arms bars, key locks and chokes from that position.

Then, we started open mat and I partnered up with this 14-year-old named Roy.  Although he is young, he outweighs me and is really good.  Fortunately, I was able to effectively work on several techniques such passing his guard and half guard.  In 8 minutes I got him with a key lock and an arm triangle.

Next, I partnered up with a Faixa Roxa named Ian.  He’s one of our best guys.  We started and I pulled him down and got into side mount.  I don’t remember all the details, but we did go back and forth for a minute and I ended up getting him with a kimora from side mount.  Although I was proud of myself and happy that my technique worked such that I was able to submit him part of me feels like he let me get it.

Next I partnered up with a BB named Frank who is just awesome.  He’s really calm and just let’s his technique work.  It’s great training with him except for the fact he makes your technique look like you’re a white belt.  We nailed me with 2 arm bars and a lot of close calls.  I almost got choked twice and at one point couldn’t get out from under side mount for the life of me.

When it was over we discussed a few things regarding my techniques, which were a bit helpful.  I have a tendency to give up pressure when I have someone under my side mount.  Also, I’m not using my hips enough to bump someone off of me when they are in full mount.  Definitely stuff to continue to work on.

Overall it was a great class.  Despite my doubts I was very happy with my performance.  I could see my technique improving.  I was able to be a lot more offensive than I typically do when I roll.

Looking forward to Saturday!

Chau e bom dia!


Treinando Otra Vez

August 21, 2010


It’s been a long time since I posted last.  There has been a lot of stuff going on at my job.  Re-orgs, lay-offs and possibly an upcoming plant shut down.  I will say that this is not because of the economy.  This is because our management team made a bunch of bad decisions and didn’t have any contingency plans should something go wrong.  It’s sad really.  The management team is filled with people with master’s degrees from various Ivy League schools yet their experience has solely been in the consulting world.

Consultants don’t actually do anything.  Their job is to tell people what they are doing wrong and how they should do them right.  They work best in the short term, but they completely fail in the long term.  That is what is happening at my company.  So sad.

Anyway, enough about work.  Let’s talk Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  It’s a much more interesting subject anyway.

So I got into class today and couldn’t wait to get on the mat.  So much so that enough though we had 30 minutes before class started I immediately rolled with BB Mickey.  He’s an 18-year-old 3-stripe blue belt and absolutely deadly.  He’s so deadly now that I think when he’s a black belt I’m not going to roll with him.  He’s insanely good.  It’s scary.

It was a good roll.  It was all cat and mouse.  I would pass his guard, he would attempt a triangle, I would escape.  I’d attempt a submission from side mount, then mount him.  He’s escape my mount and end up in my guard.  And the process would repeat.  It was really good.  I was very happy with my ability to escape his triangle (a feat, which is not easy at all, believe me).

Then our instructor came out and started warming us up.  Our instructor was feeling very magnanimous so he asked one of the really new WBs what he’s like to train on.  He asked about passing the guard.  So our instructor started with the basic guard pass should your opponent attempt a triangle.  I needed to work on that because I have a bad habit of leaving my arm where I shouldn’t and either getting caught in a triangle or an armbar.

I partnered up with Mickey and we went to work.  I asked him some questions about my issues and he gave me so very valuable tips.  We worked that technique for 25 minutes, which was great because the tips that Mickey gave me were starting to sink in and become automatic.

Then, we worked on a standing guard pass.  That was something I needed practice as well since I have a tendency to leave my hips back when they should be forward and end up getting swept.  We worked on that for another 30 minutes and that was class.  I really do enjoy classes like these where we focus on one or two moves and work them over and over again.  It helps with muscle memory and allows you to focus on the details.

I went really slowly and made sure my hands were in the right spot, that my weight was in the right spot, that my hips were forward instead of backward (or in some other weird position because I was too stupid to realize I wasn’t putting them in the right position) and other details that made my guard passing better.  It was a great class.

Then, we started with the open mat.  The rounds were 8 minutes long and I partnered up with PB Steve.  He caught me once in the 8 minutes we rolled.  A lot of back and forth between him trying to attempt a submission from side mount or a submission from full mount.  It was  a really good roll.

Then, I partnered up with a WB named Sergio and we went at it.  He was very aggressive.  Unfortunately, his aggression is the result of lack of knowledge rather than skill coupled with strength.  I hope I wasn’t that spazzy when I first started rolling (it’s a rule that no WB can roll until they’ve been taking 6 months worth of classes).  Wow.  He was all over the place.  I pulled him in so he could get into side mount and defended a lot of his attempts at things.  I kept reminding him that we had 8 minutes to work so he shouldn’t go nuts or he’ll tire himself out.  He kept trying to go for my wrists, but I would grab onto his gi and he couldn’t break my grip.  Then, I would bounce him off of me and let him get back into position.  It was quite fun.

At one point I let him get to full mount and bumped him off so that I ended up in his guard.  I passed his guard and from side mount applied a keylock.  The round ended and I sat out a round.  After sitting out I partnered back up with PB Steve because everyone else stopped rolling.  We went for another 20 minutes with a lot of good back and forth.  At one point I ran out of gas and he tapped me literally 5 times in a row.

Great classes ended with a great set of rolls.  Can’t wait until the next class on Tuesday.

Chau e bom fim de semana!