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Treino Tipico

September 26, 2010


Today was a typical training day where we focused on only one situational technique and worked on variations of it.  Those classes are good because it becomes more about body memorization rather than trying to recall everything from memory after class is over.  And we worked on something that I’ve occasionally struggled with for a bit: back mount escapes.

First we started with a stand up technique.  An attacker clinches you, brings your head down to introduce your face to his knee.  You react by making a frame with your arms and letting your forearm absorb the impact rather than your nose.  As he continues to try to break through your defense you step forward, grab his leg.  While still grasping their leg you put one hand on his heel, drive your shoulder into their knee and down they go.

Next, we moved on to back mount escapes.  I’ve noticed that when I try to escape that I’m inconsistent with keeping my attacker from mounting me.  Even after analyzing it I couldn’t figure out if it was a timing issue or just a lack of variation.  I always tried the same escape mainly because that’s all I knew and I guess the guys had me figured out.

So your back has been taken.  You assume the defensive position: your right arm over your head like a pair of headphones and your left hand across your chest with your open hand in your arm pit.  That way you can catch their arms if they attempt a collar or a mata leao.

When you get your back taken you should immediately fall to your side, post your outside leg, bring your hands down to their leg to prevent you from getting mounted and elbow escape to guard.  It involves a lot of movement and because you had to commit it’s very explosive.  You can get really tired if you’re don’t have a lot of gas in your tank so if you’re gonna go, go!

Through our practice I realized why I was getting mounted.  I was too focused on crawling out rather than blocking his leg.  Then, we worked on an escape variant where you fall to your side and drop your shoulder into your attackers chest.  Then, you twist your hips until one of their hooks pops out and turn over and you’re in side mount.  Good stuff.   We worked on one other variant that is a little too detailed for me to recall.  Either way we worked on those three variations for 50 minutes.

Next, we went into drills where you had 3 minutes to escape the back mount as many times as you could (if you could).  I did a pretty good job with that.  I even did well against BB Mikey who usually can beat me up pretty easy.  At one point I even mounted him when it was my turn to attack.   I like these kind of classes that are really technical.  I think you get more of a workout than just a typical roll, which is a good thing and shows how much Jiu-Jitsu is mental versus physical.

That about covers my Jiu-Jitsu training for this week.  Write again on Tuesday.

Chau e bom dia!


Falta Muita Practica

September 23, 2010


It’s been a while since I’ve posted due to work, my band and home issues.

My house sprung a leak and I’ve been working to get it fixed through my insurance company and several contractors.  My insurance company has been great and so have the contractors; it’s more of an issue of paperwork, time and the hassle of dealing with it all.  Especially when work has been crazy as it has been.  Fortunately, my grappling dummy didn’t get damaged so I was able to practice a little in-between the house stuff.

My band has been itching to get into the studio to lay down some tracks for a demo that we’re going to use to get into various music festivals and into certain venues that require a demo before they book you.  We worked really hard to record the demo last Saturday.  It was great, but four hours of rocking out is hard work.  I was out of gas and barely got through a party I was invited to later than night.

But enough talk about music.  This is a Jiu-Jitsu blog for crying out loud.  I finally got to train last night and it was a great class to come back to.  Just as a side bar, I’ve noticed that I don’t realize how much I miss Jiu-Jitsu until I get back on the mat.  I think that’s probably typical of people who train as well; it’s pretty interesting.

Class started off with a take down when sucker punched.  Your attacker goes to swing you with a big right (or left) hand and you immediately close the distance.  You cover up just in case he tries to swing at you with his left (or right) hand heading towards the shoulder of the punching arm.  You trap the arm and put your hand behind his head.  Take a big step back and to the side and then roll them over to the mount.

I thought I would have more trouble with that than I ended up having, which surprised me.  I had a little trouble with rubbing my elbow against my attacker’s, but it could have been worse.  After that we worked on taking down an attacker when they stand up in your guard.  Basically, you open your guard, put your legs on their hips, grab their heels and drop them.  You then crawl up and over and you’re in mount.

I actually have a lot of trouble with that when sparring, but I think I got a better perspective on the technique by doing it over and over again.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to use it in the future.

After working on those techniques for the hour our instructor called for guard passing drills.  You have three minutes to pass the guard or go for a submission from the guard.  That can be tough and I had a rough time with it.  I was partnered up with a white belt named Sasha and I let myself get played into his strength game.  I shouldn’t have, it was really stupid and I’m really disappointed in myself.

I played more patiently when I was trying to pass his guard and I think I did it once.  Even if I did it right once the fact that I got into a strength game is a serious issue and I won’t forget it.

Next, I partnered up with PB Brian and pretty spent the entire time getting swept or reversed.  I couldn’t find my groove and he took advantage of it.  I was distracted by my disappointment in myself to the point that I couldn’t work any technique.  Really dumb.  No excuses.  Just really dumb.

Next, I went with PB Steve and did a little bit better.  Not much.  He passed twice, but I didn’t make it easy for him, which I guess is good.  I passed his guard once I think.  Again, I had a lot of issues mentally after going with Sasha so I kind of gave up.  Really disappointing and it really made me realize that even though I’ve been doing this for close to 3 years I have light years to go with my technique.  Don’t forget that.  There’s always room for improvement and there’s always more to learn.

Until next time.

Chau e bom dia!

Practica e Practica

September 10, 2010


This week was a great training week.  School was closed on Saturday so a few of us were going to get together to do a very extended open mat.  However, our instructor told a bunch of other people about it so instead of 6 of us there were 16 of us.  So a bunch of us went to the basement training area and trained while the rest remained in the main room.

First I rolled with this white belt named Michael.  He’s an annoying person to train with.  I really don’t like him.  He came in to our school claiming he didn’t know anything about Jiu-Jitsu and then all of a sudden admitted he was a blue belt.  Why would one do that?  That’s just weird and very dumb.  Michael says “let’s go 40% because I hurt my ribs during a tournament and can’t go that hard.”  Then, he proceeds to go nuts.  Um….what?  So dumb.  His technique is pretty crappy so I just roll around and get out of positions and not do much of anything else.

Then, I rolled with a kid named Roy and we had a lot of good back and forth.  He’s going to do well once he gets into the higher belts if he sticks with it.  We had a lot of back and forth for a while and then I settled into side mount and worked on locking up his arm.  Eventually I got to mount and tapped him with an arm triangle.  Then, we re-set and the round ended we could apply a submission.

Then, I rolled with PB Nick.  He’s a cop and REALLY strong.  It’s hard to control him because he’s got really thick legs and can apply a nasty triangle with them.  He tapped me around 4 times with that technique alone.  I have to ask my instructor a question about stacking someone up when they are trying to apply a triangle.  I tried reaching into Nick’s collar to apply some pressure on his neck, but he kept preventing me from getting my grip deep enough.  I didn’t know what to do about it so I better check with my instructor to see what I can should that happen again.

Then, a bunch of guys left so we went upstairs and joined the larger group.  I linked up with PB Steve and we had an excellent roll.  Lots of back and forth although with me usually ending up tapping.  It was really good.  I then linked up with a few other guys and ended up back with Steve.   By the time we finished our roll a bunch of the guys left so we called it a day.  All in we trained for 2.5 hours and it couldn’t have gone better.  I still see a bunch of weaknesses.  My escapes from the mount SUCK big time.  From now on I will work on those exclusively until I get them right.  No excuses.

Then, tonight I had a great class.  We had a lot of white belts so we went over some basics.  Hurray! Love that!

We worked on linking the Kimora from guard to a guillotine to a bump back to a Kimora.  So good.  When techniques link together like that it really shows the beauty of Jiu-Jitsu.  That’s all we did the entire 1.5 hours of class.  It was really good.  I got to tighten up my application of the Kimora and the bump sweep, which was great.  It’s always good to sharpen techniques like that.

Then, I we started the open mat and I grabbed Brn Belt Bret (BBB…that’s pretty cool!).  I told him I needed help with mount escapes and asked that we just start with him in mount and work from there.  He pointed out several very helpful things and some of them actually worked when we started rolling (after about 20 minutes of me practicing the things he was showing me).  Although I still have to work on them it felt good to know that I could actually think the escapes through.  In 8 minutes I swear he tapped me 6 times.  It was just one after another after another.  I hope to have just 10% of his ability by the time I’m a Brn Belt.  He’s amazing.

Well, off to a weekend getaway so no training for me this weekend.  Next week I’ll pick up the gi and belt and hit the mats again.

Chau e bom dia!

Boa Aula

September 1, 2010


Last night’s class was really packed.   We had over 15 guys and a good mix of PBs, BBs and WBs.    I put in a request to go over arm triangles, which my instructor gladly complied with.e been attempting them a lot while rolling lately and have varying rates of success.  One consistent problem is getting it in deep enough.

So we started with a take down to an arm triangle.  Basically, you time your attacker’s punches, sneak underneath his punches and clinch at his waist.  Make sure your head is against his back above his kidneys and then hang your weight so bring him down onto his back.  Crawl over and lock in the arm triangle.

I think I had more hits than misses while applying this technique.  I took a little more time to adjust my attacker’s head and make sure that there was as little space as possible between his neck and my arm.  I also noticed that I wasn’t flattening out my attacker either.  The flatter he is on his back the deeper the choke can set in.

Then, we worked on the guillotine choke from the guard and the correct defense.  If you were applying defense you would then get to side mount and apply the arm triangle choke.  One thing I noticed is that I’m not getting my weight into my attacker’s neck as much as I should.  So for a long time I would almost pause there to make sure that my weight was right.

Then, I hit my friend “the wall.”  Oh wall, how I’ve missed you.  It was really hot in our school and it got to me, but oddly late.  There was about 15 minutes in the class left to go and all of a sudden my tank was empty.  I barely made it through the rest of the class and barely remember it too.

Couldn’t do open mat afterwards.  So I got up and changed.  Got to talk to my instructor about the class and what I learned and he gave me some more tips to improve the choke based on what he observed of my performance.

Saturday will be great.  School is closed due to the labor day holiday so a bunch of us are getting together for 2 hours of open mat!  Can’t wait.

Chau e bom dia!