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Muito Trabalhou

October 25, 2010


Boy it has been WAY too long since I posted and things haven’t been great.  I had to put together a marketing plan for 2011 that took up ALL of my time.  I don’t know if you’ve ever had to put one together, but it is a lot of work.  Lots of data analysis, looking back on what you did that year and what you learned from it and then creating new strategies based on what you learned.  Not fun and I work for a relatively small company yet it took weeks to put together including working weekends.

I had no time for extra-curricular activities including my band and jiu-jitsu.  Nothing.  And I think my game suffered because of it.  Any time I could find to train I was too distracted by what I had to do at work.  No matter what we were learning, no matter what drill we practiced I couldn’t get anything right.  One day we were working on passing the guard and this white belt gave me so much trouble.  And we weren’t working on anything so crazy that I shouldn’t have had so much trouble.

At one point I thought of quiting.  I was getting frustrated at work and jiu-jitsu was not helping the situation.  If you’re not enjoying something why bother doing it?  Fortunately, I didn’t quit and got back to training this weekend.

And it was a good class.  We worked on applying a triangle when your guard is being passed.  It was very intricate and I’m so clumsy so I struggled with it.  I went slow and probably after 35 minutes I started to get it right.  Then, we worked on passing the guard.  A bunch of guys got on the floor, the rest of us lined up and you went in to try to pass a person’s guard.

I ended up with this guy named Danny trying to pass my guard.  We went at it  for 15 minutes.  He really wasn’t trying to pass.  He was more interested in doing weird moves and posturing up.  He would try something, I would counter it and he would reset.  And for some reason he wasn’t getting the fact that whatever he was trying it wasn’t working.

Eventually my instructor broke us up and scolded Danny for not working on proper techniques.  It was interesting to hear his reaction.  He kept trying to defend himself and really didn’t have a good argument.  I found out later that my instructor has had that same conversation with him several times.  Very interesting.

Then, class ended and we started the open mat.  Good stuff.  I went 4 times and did OK, not great, but for having such a rough few weeks I was happy with an “OK” performance.

Next class is on Tuesday so we’ll see if things start to improve.

Chau e bom dia!