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Volta a Tatame

January 31, 2011


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted and there are two reasons.  One, I came down with a fell illness that rendered me incapable of training.  There were a bunch of sleepless nights and tons of medicines involved.  It was really bad.  Thankfully, I’m feeling much better.  The bad part of the illness has gone away and now I’m just dealing with a slight cold.  The 2nd reason is that my wife had surgery and couldn’t take care of herself.  I had to be the good husband and nurse her through her recovery period.  Thankfully, none of the complications that could have happened did happen and she’s almost 100%.

So after all this time I was able to get back to training.  It was profound in one way in that it was the first time I could get back to training in 4 weeks and the first day at our new school.  Our instructor bought a building and moved the school a little further north.  It’s good for me in that it’s a little closer to home and it’s great for all of his students because the facility is bigger.

There are two large training rooms, a bigger changing area and off the street parking.  We’re all really proud of Joe for getting to a place where he could buy a building and expand the training space.  I’m sure it’s a good feeling for him.

Training on Saturday was all defense.  We started warming up with a stand up technique.  Your attacker tries to sucker punch you and you clinch up.  That was it.  Joe wanted us to concentrate on the timing of our defense.  It’s one thing to do everything slow it’s another when it comes to getting your timing right.  A lot of jiu-jitsu techniques require proper timing so exercises like these are great for developing your sense of timing.  We worked on this technique for about 10 minutes.

Then, we worked on the first ground technique, which was the defense against the key lock when you’re mounted.  Turns out that my key lock defense is all wrong, which is no surprise so it was good to go over that.

Then, we worked on defending an armbar attempt should your attacker choose to do so since he can’t get the key lock.  That is very simple in that you bring the arm they are attacking down to the floor.  It’s easy as far as the technique goes, but it relies on timing.  If you don’t react quick enough your attacker will get your arm.

Then, a new white belt showed up so Joe had to switch gears since these techniques would be completely foreign to the guy.  So we worked on the collar choke from the mount.  We did that for while.  Then, we moved on to applying an arm bar from the mount should the guy on bottom try to push you off of him.  It’s not a smart strategy to follow, but you never know what someone might try when they panic.

After that we started the open mat.  I don’t know how to feel about my performance during the open mat.  On one side you could say that it was good in that no one tapped me and for the most part controlled my partners.  On the other you could say that it was disappointing in that I didn’t tap any one including a 14-year-old yellow belt.

First I partnered up with BB Niel.  I spent the entire time in side mount trying to get something, but couldn’t get anything.  I ended up in his guard twice.  One thing that has improved in my game is my guard passing so any time he got back to guard I was able to work my way back to side mount.  He complimented my ability to control him, but I couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Then, I partnered up with BB Dan.  He’s got his blue belt from another school.  He’s very aggressive and very strong so I spent the entire time on my back either being side mounted or fully mounted defending, defending and defending.  I walked away from that match feeling a little bit better in that he couldn’t get around my defense.  I actually didn’t mind that I couldn’t get any offense going.  I think if the round had been longer I would have found an opening because he would have tired himself out.  That’s how hard he was going.

Then, I partnered up with PB Art.  He’s VERY good.  One of the best and has his 2nd stripe.  He’s also an assistant instructor and has cardio like nobody’s business.  I can’t remember how we started, but I think I ended up in a dominant side mount position.  I tried to get stuff from there, but ended up transitioning from one side to another for a bit.  Eventually, Art found some space and got me into his guard.

I waited a little bit to make sure that I had my base and that my defenses were in place.  Then, I stood up, stacked him on his neck and successfully passed his guard.  I eventually made my way to mount and attempted a few attacks, but couldn’t get anything.  Then, the round ended.  Finally, I ended up with WB Roy.  He’s the 14-year-old I mentioned before.  For the heck of it we started in a standing position.

Eventually, I took him down with a single leg, but he reversed me and I ended up on the bottom in side mount.  I got as tight as I could to him and put my arms in the proper position.  I eventually swept him and ended up in the dominant side mount position.  From this point and the remainder of the round I got nothing.  I was just in side mount transitioning from one side to another and that was it.  Couldn’t get anything.  I walked away from the round completely frustrated.

Why couldn’t I get him?  Why didn’t I get anywhere with anyone?  I feel like I’m on an endless plateau, never to get off.  I feel like my game has hit a wall and won’t get through it.  That this is the best I’m ever going to be.  Like one of those fighters who are sort of good, but never really get anywhere.  That’s a really crappy place to be.

Chau e bom dia.