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Joelho Mágoado

March 26, 2011


I had a bit of a scare of the last week.  After my last class on the 19th I noticed that my knee was really bothering me.  It came to a head on Saturday when after class I couldn’t get up the stairs without my knee hurting.  At that point the pain was in the area where my knee cap meets my shin.  It almost felt like I needed to crack my knee as one would need to crack one’s knuckle.

On Sunday the pain felt worse and had moved to include the sides of my knee.  Now, I’m an admitted hypochondriac and the first thought that went into my mind was that I tore a ligament.  This was brought on partly because my good friend PB Steve had just discovered that he has a complex tear in his meniscus.  It was also brought on by the fact that lots of jiu-jiteiro’s tear ACLs and LCLs all the time.

I called the doctor, but couldn’t get an appointment until Wednesday so despite the pain I attended class and did some limited work.  I wore a very expensive knee brace that I bought a while back, which helped keep my knee stable.  I only did about 2 techniques and then sat out and watched.

Finally, got to my doctor and Wednesday and it turns out I have a sprained knee.  Pheewww…what a relief.  I’ll definitely take 2 knee sprains over a torn ligament any day.  Hell, I’ve even pay for one.  I know, I know, I’m being stupid.  I’m on naproxin, which is like Super Aleve and I can’t train for 2 weeks.  I have to engage in R.I.C.E. therapy, which isn’t bad at all.  I’m actually typing away while sitting on the floor with my leg raised.

I iced it last night and it is already feeling better.  I’m going to ice it again 3 times tonight, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, while I watch the fights tonight.

Although I’m not training I believe in learning through osmosis so I went to class today and observed.  At least that way I can keep up with what everyone is learning and try to internalize it as best as possible.  I will only go to the Saturday class because I don’t think it makes any sense to go twice a week.

Sorry that this will be a pretty boring jiu-jitsu blog for a while, but I’ll try to post stuff anyway that might be of interest.

Here’s one: I just bought UFC 117 because I’m a big Anderson Silva fan and wanted to re-watch his fight with Chael Sonnen.  I have to say that I don’t think Anderson was dominated because Sonnen was better than him.  I think Silva let him do it.  It just seemed that Sonnen hit Silva way too easily.  Better guys couldn’t hit Silva, why did Sonnen have that got his fists to connect with Silva’s face?

I know some of you will say that it was the ‘roids, but it can’t be just that.  I think Silva was trying to put on a show given the fights he had before that frustrated a lot of fans.  Just my two cents.

Chau e bom dia!



March 19, 2011


Had a light week in regards to Jiu-Jitsu.  Attending the Wednesday no gi class, which was like a semi-private lesson.  There were just four of us: PB Art, WB Joe and WB Gene and me.  We focused on head lock escapes.  Rather than try to explain the details I’ll let this video do the talking:

We worked the various head lock escapes for about an hour and then called the end of class.  I was thinking about rolling, but didn’t feel up to it so I went home. Looking forward to hitting the mats tomorrow.

Chau e bom dia!

Boa Semana

March 13, 2011


Once again I couldn’t post after my Tuesday class so I’ll combine the two of them together.  I’ll try to avoid doing that as much as possible.

Tuesday we covered attacked from side mount.  First, you go from side mount to knee on belly.  As the person on bottom attempts to push your knee off you grab their wrist, slip around to their head and you get to a position to apply a kimora.

Then, we worked on re-applying the kimora should the guy on bottom attempt to escape.  That was pretty much the breath of the class.  Nice and focused, which I like.
Then, we lined up for side mount escapes.  I did pretty well escaping until one guy mounted me, which put me in the back of the line.  No big deal.  After that the open mat started, but I didn’t participate as I had to go home to take care of some stuff.


Saturday’s class focused on sweeps.  First, if a guy in your guard stands up and tries to pick you up in order to slam you done you hook behind one of his legs while you keep your guard closed.  Then, you put your other hand behind your head and pus your hip to one side and he falls over.

Then, we moved on to the sweep where both of your legs are on your opponent’s hips, you grab their ankles and you press forward to bring your feet to the floor.  Down they go.

Finally, we worked on passing the guard drills and moved on to open mat.  I rolled with WB Roy and almost had him in a collar choke from the back mount, but time ran out.

Then, PB Brian came over and wanted to work with me on open guard stuff.  He noticed that I would lose confidence after my guard was opened during the guard passing drills.  He first had me run through a bunch of moves to make sure I knew them and then worked with me on opening my guard when the attacker least expects it.  It was really invaluable.  Definitely something I’m going to utilize more from now on.

Then, I rolled wit BB Kevin and we reached a stalemate.  He almost got me in a triangle, but I was able to stack him up onto his neck and force him to release it.  We went back and forth as I attempted something from side mount, but couldn’t get it.

And that was class.  Pretty simple, but very good.  Definitely going to internalize all the things that PB Brian showed me and put them to future use. And that was jiu-jitsu for the week.  A good week definitely.  Won’t be able to train on Tuesday, but will go to the no gi class on Wednesday.

As I was going home I checked my twitter feed and learned that the UFC bought Strikeforce.  That’s crazy.  I never expected that to happen.  I really thought White and the Fertittas were going to focus on expanding their own business before purchasing a competitor.  Especially after merging the UFC and WEC rosters together.

It’s also crazy because there are a few guys who just signed to Strikeforce who were recently released by the UFC.  And of course there’s Fedor.  It’s interesting that White has mentioned how he couldn’t get Fedor because his management was so difficult.  In a way he’s stuck it to them because now he has them and won’t have to worry about their demands.  Very good strategy on White’s part.

Chau e bom dia!


Um Privado e Dois Aulas

March 6, 2011


I didn’t have enough time to post after class on Tuesday so I’ll roll that one into this post.

I’ve had enough of the frustration I’ve been feeling so I scheduled a private lesson with my instructor an hour before class.  We worked on escaping the mount.  I’m really happy I did this because it gave me a lot of clarity and I learned three things.  One, I know the techniques, I just needed a refresher on a few of them.  Two, I needed a refresher on several techniques that I should have been using and wasn’t.  Three, I need to do a private lesson at least once a month; twice if I can afford it.

It turns out that one reason my arm has been getting caught when I’m mounted is because I was too concerned with getting my elbow back onto the floor when an attacker has a hand in my collar instead of keeping my elbow tight to my body.  Also, I have been having trouble bumping and rolling an attacker because I’m trying to bring my hips over in an arch instead straight up and then turning once I feel their weight shift.  Finally, some attackers have been able to keep me from bumping them because they have a hook on one of my legs.  So, I need to kick my leg out to release the hook and then be able to roll them.

I can’t tell you how much better I felt after the private lesson.  It felt really good to walk away from it having such an “aha”moment.

After the private lesson Joe started class and we went into techniques to escape the back mount.  The only issues that I’ve had with escaping the back mount is keeping the attacker from mounting me.  So it was good to review how to properly place your hands to keep that from happening. Good class.  We worked on that for better part of an hour until Joe called for our typical 3-minute drills where we tried to escape the mount.

I did pretty well given all the different people I partnered up with.  Then, we went to the open mat and I just did one round with PB Steve.  I haven’t been getting much sleep lately because of work so I didn’t have enough energy to do more than one match.  PB Steve tapped me twice, but for the most part I was able to do the things that Joe taught me correctly.  For me that was good enough.

Afterward, I reflected on what I learned and reaffirmed my original strategy of focusing on doing things right.  It doesn’t matter if I tap a guy or if I’m really dominant during a match.  I just have to focus on doing the techniques right.

And that’s what did at class today.  However, I forgot to do that before I left for class.  I was about half way there when I realized I had forgotten my bag.  So dumb.  I turned around, got my bag and was fortunate enough to get to class with 10 minutes to spare.

So we started class with a technique to protect yourself should an attacker attempt to get you in a head lock or at least grab your head so he can punch you.  The, we moved onto the side mount.  Usually, Joe picks a higher belt (which there were plenty of) to demonstrate a move, but he picked me.  He stated he picked me because I was a loud mouth, but it turned out that he actually had a point to make.

He got into side mount and then asked a question:  “Jaime, what do you do at this point?”  I replied, “Wait until you do something.”  He said, “Good  answer.”  He went on to say that if you’re on the bottom position in side mount you cannot be the aggressor.  You have to wait until the guy on top (going forward to be named “the aggressor”) does something upon which you can capitalize for an escape or sweep.

And that was the point he was trying to make.  That he’s seen too many guys attempt a bump and buck like a raging bull over and over again in order to escape.  That path leads to exhaustion, which then leads to defeat if you’re really not good according to Joe.  I agree with him.  I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I do try to relax and look for an escape.  I used to buck, but I don’t have the gas tank to be effective afterward and usually get tapped.

He also picked me (a lower belt) in the hopes that I wouldn’t know the right answer.  I’m lucky that I pay attention to what he says.  So that was the focus of the class: relaxing and looking for the escapes.  The techniques are too complex for me to do correctly let alone explain here so I’ll save you the misery.  I will say that they were quite effective if performed correctly.

We ended the class with 3-minute drills, which apparently disappointed Joe when we were done because some of the guys apparently hadn’t absorbed the focus of the lesson.  It happens I guess.

We started the open mat, which I partnered up with WB Roy.  I did well in that I focused on doing things correctly and let him be the aggressor the entire time.  He didn’t catch me once in 8-minutes, which was great.  Then, I partnered up with WB Chris and I tapped him once; however, he didn’t get me and I was able to use the techniques that Joe reviewed with me in our private lesson.  That felt great.  For the 1st time in while I felt like I actually knew what I was doing.

This was a really good week of Jiu-Jitsu for me.  Very satisfying.  Looking forward to the next class.

Gonna settle down and watch Strikeforce tonight.  They’ve been putting better shows than the UFC lately so tonight should be no different.

Chau e bom dia!