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Nada Muito

May 23, 2011

No real update today. Left knee is great and will be discharged from PT on Tuesday if my evaluation goes well. Don’t see why it won’t.

PT will start on the right knee on Thursday, which will be good. Trying to schedule the MIR, which will probably happen next Saturday. Wish me luck!

Chau e bom dia!


Um Bocado de Progreso

May 14, 2011


The PT on my left knee continues and continues to go well.  I haven’t felt any pain in the knee since I’ve started, which is a good thing.

The right knee is still up in the air.  I’m on heat therapy for the next five days and if it continues I’ll go through the process of getting an MRI.  I’m not supposed to bend down and have to take Naproxen again, which isn’t all that bad.  Especially the bending down thing.  I purposely drop things and make my wife pick them up.  It’s quite fun and quite funny.

That’s all the news I have for now.  Once the five day probation period is over I’ll let you know how it’s going.

Chau e bom dia!

Otra Vez?!?!?!?

May 10, 2011


Physical Therapy on the knee has been going really well.  I found out that I’m doing exercises that one would do if one had torn a ligament.  That’s interesting and I’m glad because it’s working.  I haven’t had any pain in left knee since starting the therapy.  Very good news.  However, there’s something has come up, which I’ll get to after my jiu-jitsu update.

I went to class on Saturday and only trained for an hour focusing on the techniques we learned.  We worked on throws from standing and similar ones from the knees.  Basically, you grab your attacker in the traditional Jiu-Jitsu way (one hand gripping the elbow, the other gripping the lapel), you step back forcing your attacker to step forward.  You then drop down to sit on your side, hook the foot closest to your attacker behind his leg that is closest to you, roll him over you and you end up in mount.  Then, we worked on variations of that move from the knees and that was class.  I love throws like these because they are fairly easy to execute once you get past the first step.

Here is where the issue presented itself.  Both of my knees felt great after class.  However, later that night I was walking with my wife around our neighborhood and my right knee felt strange and seemed to almost lock up.  Like it was catching on something.  It happened twice while we walked and once the next day while we were running errands.

Yesterday, it felt and looked swollen and the same thing today.  Not good.  It could be a tear it could be something less.

I’m going to speak to my physical therapist tonight and I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow.  I’m going to request to speak with a sports injury specialist.  Hopefully, the injury is similar to the one in my left knee.  We’ll see.

Chau e bom dia!

Terapia, Seminário e Promoção

May 1, 2011


I had my first session of physical therapy on Wednesday.  It was pretty cool.  The program started with a warm towel to get the knee warmed up for work.  Then, they attached a 3-lb weight to my leg and I lifted it up to the ceiling 20 times.  I did it on my back, my sides and my stomach.  Then, they put a band around my knees and had me spread them a la Suzanne Somer’s “Thigh Master.”  Then, I moved to a stationary bike and went for 8 minutes.

Then, I worked with a band tied to a matching where I bent my knee back and forth and finished off the session with a fun exercise.  I was put on a stool with wheels and was told to go around the room backwards.  Man that was fun.  I was weaving around machines and people and I did it for 2 minutes straight.  So fun!  I finished the program with ice and some Biofreeze, which made my knee feel really good and that lasted the rest of the day.  Even a few days later it has been feeling good, which is why I attended a BJJ seminar at my school.

Without my Physical Therapist’s knowledge I attended a seminar at my school that was scheduled weeks before my knee paid appeared.  There was no way I was going to miss it.  Not only was it going to be a good seminar, but we haven’t had one in a year and that’s where we get our belt promotions. I know my body and I know how to train smart in order to keep the knee safe, which is what I did.

We started off going over the closing of the distance between you and an attacker should he be square to you and throwing a hay maker.  Then, we worked on a take down after closing the distance and wrapping your leg around his leg.  Then, we worked on a variation of that should your attacker’s weight end up in a different place.  We did this for the first hour.

Then, we moved to the ground and worked on guard passing for 2 straight hours.  We did all the variations.  The two basic guard passes on the knees and then standing guard passes.  We worked on strategies necessary for when the guy on bottom tries to hook your leg while you’re standing and other strategies to think about while you’re passing.

Then, we finished with 3-minute guard passing drills.  We did two rounds of it and that was it.  We lined up and there were a TON of promotions.  A bunch of the white belts got promoted to blue belts.  All of the blue belts got stripes including me.  My first stripe!  Yea!  It felt really satisfying especially after not being on the mats for so long.

One BB named Frank got promoted to a Purple Belt, which is awesome and well deserved.  All the Purple Belts got stripes and one named Vince got his Brown Belt.  That was awesome!  Now the school has 2 Brown Belts and that’s really cool.

We all congratulated each other and called it a day.  Despite all that work my knee felt fine afterward and continues to feel good now.  I’m going to ice it in the morning and go through my normal therapy routine.  I have another PT session on Tuesday and Thursday and maybe I’ll go back to class next Saturday.  We’ll see.

Hope you have a good weekend.  I’m going to watch GSP beat up Jake Shields.

Chau e bom dia!