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October 27, 2011


Some big career changes have been keeping me from my blog.  The changes were good.  It’s just that there were a lot of them so I have focus my attention on managing those changes versus anything else.

Anyway, I had a great class on Saturday.  The focus of the class was on knee-on-belly techniques.  I ended up paired with a 375-lb white belt (who just joined the school), which was good.  I know that sounds weird, but if the idea that BJJ is supposed to work regardless of size I welcome working with different body types.  I think it’s a really good way of perfecting your techniques.

We worked on jumping up to knee-on-belly from side mount and applying a collar choke and slipping to an arm bar should the guy on bottom attempt to defend it.  The transition is quite simple and speaks to the beauty of BJJ.

The way it works is you let the guy push your knee of his belly.  You grap the wrist of the pushing hand and slide around to the opposite side and sink in the arm bar.  Very effective, especially if you get the timing right.

Our instructor wasn’t really happy with us by the end of class because a lot of guys struggled with it.  I think it stems from the idea that you have to fully commit to knee-on-belly.  You have to take your foot off the mat so that all your weight is on your opponent.

Then, you have to master the transitions.  You can’t be clumsy when you transition from a choke attempt to an arm bar.  I’ve worked on these techniques for a while and still struggle with it so I can understand his disappointment.

He said that he would take a week and work on nothing but these techniques for a while so that we get better at them.  I agree with that strategy and look forward to when he starts this.

Open mat was great.  I rolled with BB Micky and I think we had the best roll we’ve ever had.  Lots of back and forth.  He would get to mount, I would bump and escape, I would pass his guard, get to mount, then he would bump and escape.  It was great.  I love that kind of stuff because it really makes you focus and you end up thinking about what you’re going to do 2 moves down the line.  I eventually tapped him with a key lock from side mount, which is awesome because it’s one of my favorite moves. .

Time ran out and I then paired up with BB Steve.  We also had a lot of back and forth, but it was mostly me defending his attacks.  We ended up going the entire round without him tapping me, which is VERY rare.  Usually he taps me a bunch of times before the round ends.  Then, I paired up with WB Rusalon.  He’s a young, Russian guy.  He’s cool and really strong.  Still relies on white belt strength to get things done.  I mostly controlled him, but the time ended before I could get anything.  I think if I had a longer round I would have tapped him.

On Tuesday, I was able to attend the afternoon class where we worked on closing the distance between you and an attacker and taking him down to where you land in S-mount.  From there you work in an arm bar.  I apparently did this really well because I got a lot of compliments on my smoothness.  Thank you Grappling Dummy!

Then, we worked on back mount attacks and escapes like a collar choke and an arm bar.  Very good stuff.  Definitely needed to work on that since we haven’t worked on those techniques in a while.  Then, we did the open mat where I tapped WB Gene, surived a BB’s attack and then paired up with PB Nick.  He’s a beast.  He’s a cop and is built like a linebacker.  I actually did well for me given that he only tapped me twice in 5 whereas the norm is usually 20 times.

I really feel that I’ve progressed greatly in these past few weeks, which feels great.  I won’t be attending class until this Saturday so we’ll see if I can keep it up.  Wish me luck.

Chau e bom dia!



Boa Defesa

October 16, 2011


This week was a really good week.  I can’t remember what specific techniques we drilled on Thursday I just know that I did really well during the open mat.  I worked with PB Steve and he only got me 3 times in a 10 minute round.  My defense was in the zone (kinda of a surprise).  Then, I had a great roll with BB Micky.  He only got me once, but I spent a good 5 minutes on top with 3 of those minutes on top.  I almost had him in a keylock.  That was about it for Thursday.

You know, synchronicity is a funny thing.  For a while now me and PB Steve have been talking about how we haven’t worked on ankle locks in a long time.  All of a sudden we worked on them yesterday.  The funny part is that yesterday was the first time PB Steve hasn’t been to the academy in a while.  Interesting…

We worked on applying an ankle lock from the standing guard pass.  It’s pretty intuitive when you realize when you should apply it.  I should really try to incorporate it into my arsenal.  We also worked on the defense.  I can’t tell you how valuable that was considering I had completely forgotten it.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been tapped with that technique because I couldn’t remember the defense.

I thanked our instructor profusely for going over this.  The one thing that I need to discuss with him is his resistance to teaching us heel hooks and knee bars.  He refuses to teach us these, which I think is wrong.  You never know when you’ll need to know that stuff.

Do you guys teach/learn those techniques?  What do you think about them?

Chau e bom dia!


Boas Aulas

October 8, 2011


Life has really gotten in the way of my posting.  I had a great training session last Saturday.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember what we worked on as the class went by really fast.  I sparred with PB Steve and made him work for his submission.  He got me three times in 10 minutes, but I did not make it easy.  I actually almost caught him once in a key lock from the side mount, but he got out of it at the last minute.

Then, I partnered up with BB Mick and we had a lot of awesome back and forth.  He got me once and I got him once with the Roger Gracie collar choke from the mount.  I’ve attempted that a few times over the past year and it never paid off, but it worked this time.  Kind of proud of myself for that one.

Finally, I partnered up with BB Voci and went back and forth with him.  It was great.  He got me in a key lock from the side mount and I got him twice.  Once with a kimora from the side mount and with the key lock as well.  Great session.  Was damn proud of myself.

Today all we worked on was closing the distance between ourselves and an attacker when throwing a punch.  I really enjoy those classes because we’re focusing on timing your attacker’s strikes.  Timing is a huge component of BJJ; as G.I. Joe used to say, “Knowing is half the battle.”  In BJJ, timing is half the battle.

We even lined up and two guys put on boxing gloves.  They threw strikes while we had to execute the techniques that we just worked on.  It was great.  We did that for a good portion of the class too, which allowed us all to work.

Then, we went into the open mat and I did two rounds.  One with a kid named Roy.  Didn’t get him, but had a lot of back and forth.  He couldn’t pass my guard no matter how hard he tried, which was good.  Then, I rolled with BB Kevin and in a 6-minute round he only got me once, which for me is an accomplishment considering how good he is.

That’s all I’ve been up to.  Hope ya’ll have been having good training sessions like me.

Chau e bom dia!