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February 19, 2012


Has it really been over a month since I posted last?  Wow that is really lame.  Sorry about that.

Let’s see, where to begin?  I continue to work out at the gym twice a week and on occasion three times when I can.  Things had been going well when I decided to see how it felt to get back on the mat.  So I scheduled a one-hour private with my instructor.  I figured that it would be safest that way as he’s a BlkB so he’s all technique and won’t go nuts.  Also, he dealt with 2 herniated discs in his neck so he knows what I’m going through.

I wanted to work on techniques from my back to test it so we worked on side mount and mount escapes.  For the most part it felt good. There was a little bit of soreness that occurred about half way through the private, but nothing that made me want to stop.  However, the next day I could feel that my back did not like what I did the day before.

The pain wasn’t at the level of my original injury, but it did scare me a little bit.  So I’ve decided that I need more time off the mats.  I was thinking of going back at the end of February, but maybe I need to wait until the end of April or something.  I’m going to continue working out, getting my back strong and have been talking to a few people about injury prevention and living with this issue.

I’m sure these friends of mine will give me good tips and things will be back to normal.  Wish me luck!

Chau e bom dia!