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Treinamento Duro

July 22, 2012


I haven’t been able to train for a bit because I was working on a HUGE project for work and it totally consumed my days, nights and weekends.  I finished the project yesterday and went to train today.

Our instructor was on a kick this week about getting better at basic self defense techniques so we trained on nothing but escaping a headlock.  I only did half the class out of concern for my injury, but it was great nonetheless and hard.  Escaping a headlock when you’re starting from a standing position is quite grueling.  Within 10 minutes I was sweating and I could feel my neck taking a beating.

When open mat was called I partnered up with my friend, BB Mikey and we got to business.  The round was set for 8 minutes and we went back and forth for a while.  I was happy with the fact that I remembered my defensive techniques really well.  It actually didn’t feel like I have been off the mat for 8 months.

I did get tapped by Mikey’s triangle that I was late in defending, but that was it and that’s fine by me.

I was excited to get home though as my home traction kit came in.  It functions via pneumatics and works great.  I used it for about 12 minutes and will make it something I do going forward at least once a month or after a class where we work the neck a lot.  Wish me luck.

Hope you all had a good training session this week!

Chau e bom dia!