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November 25, 2012


Happy belated Thanksgiving.  Hope you had a good one.  My wife and I hosted for the first time ever and had 20 people at our house.  It was a process.  We’re still in recovery.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the up and down waves of BJJ and how they come out of no where and you have to fight through them.  I think I’ve also called those ups and downs peaks and valleys.  I’ve ridden the tops of past peaks with great exhilaration and dealt with the valleys as best I could.

Well, I just dived head first into the deepest valley I’ve faced so far and I still don’t think I’ve hit the bottom.  I basically can’t do BJJ correctly at all during my rolling sessions.  None of my techniques work.  I can’t pass a guard to save my life and forget about being under mount.

I can’t escape nor effectively defend against an attack.  I’m either too late or do it wrong and I’m done.  It’s really frustrating.  I’m not frustrated with being tapped.  It’s about me not doing things correctly that I know how to do.  To me there is just no excuse for that.

I’m in the process of breaking things down in my mind to figure out what I’m doing wrong.  It’s not easy.  Memory can be a difficult thing to depend on as you can suffer from biases and perception issue.  Not to mention that there is only so much detail you can remember.

I hope I can find at least one issue that I can focus on and fix out of the millions of issues I’m currently having.  Hopefully, you have had a better time training than me.

Chau e bom dia!


Alto e Baixo Part 2

November 19, 2012


Oh boy.  What a week.  So last week I had a downswing and then this week I had the same thing happen.  Except that the “baixo” the “low’ if you will, was REALLY bad.

Tuesday’s class was horrible.  I couldn’t do anything correctly; even techniques that I’ve been doing for years.  We worked on an applying an armlock from standing should someone grab the collar of your jacket and I couldn’t do it right.  At all.  Then, we moved to the ground and we worked on applying a kimora from the guard.

My hips just wouldn’t move and I couldn’t get the arm I was attacking tight enough to my body to apply the kimora correctly.  It was a mess.  A total system collapse or in street parlance: an epic fail.  Blarg.  For some reason I was feeling like a glutton for punishment and I attempted to roll and it was even worse.  I might as well have been a grappling dummy.  Maybe I should have grabbed the one in the next room and gave it to my partner.  I think he would have had a more productive roll with the dummy than with me.

Then, as like last week, I did OK on Thursday.  I seemed to have more control of my actions and did OK.  Nothing great or to write home about.

Chau e bom dia!

Alto e Baixo

November 13, 2012


Had an interesting two weeks of training.  The week of 10/28 I trained twice during the week, not my usual Tuesday/Saturday schedule and had a rough go of it.  The technical part of class was great, but the sparring afterwards was bad.

I couldn’t connect what my mind wanted to my body.  I reacted slowly to attacks and missed major opportunities to escape or sweep that were so wide open I could have driven an 18-wheeler through them.  Got pwned like a noob by my training partners.  Left my class both times and shook my head as to why nothing was working.
Then, last week I hit an upswing.  Again, I trained on Tuesday/Thursday and did really well.  On Tuesday I tapped 1 of my partners and did really well against other.  On Thursday I sparred with a new guy to our school who is a 1-stripe BB (same as me) and I did really well against the guy.  I tapped him a few times and despite his athleticism I was able to control him without using much strength.

I’m going on the same schedule this week so we’ll see how I do tonight.  Hopefully, the mind and body are going to work together.

The new schedule isn’t permanent.  It’s the result of my wife and me hosting Thanksgiving this year so we’ve been doing a lot of prep work on the weekends.  Given that it’s Thanksgiving next week this weekend is when we need to get a lot of stuff done.  So I’ll train during the week to leave the weekend open for errands.

Chau e bom dia!