Alto e Baixo Part 2


Oh boy.  What a week.  So last week I had a downswing and then this week I had the same thing happen.  Except that the “baixo” the “low’ if you will, was REALLY bad.

Tuesday’s class was horrible.  I couldn’t do anything correctly; even techniques that I’ve been doing for years.  We worked on an applying an armlock from standing should someone grab the collar of your jacket and I couldn’t do it right.  At all.  Then, we moved to the ground and we worked on applying a kimora from the guard.

My hips just wouldn’t move and I couldn’t get the arm I was attacking tight enough to my body to apply the kimora correctly.  It was a mess.  A total system collapse or in street parlance: an epic fail.  Blarg.  For some reason I was feeling like a glutton for punishment and I attempted to roll and it was even worse.  I might as well have been a grappling dummy.  Maybe I should have grabbed the one in the next room and gave it to my partner.  I think he would have had a more productive roll with the dummy than with me.

Then, as like last week, I did OK on Thursday.  I seemed to have more control of my actions and did OK.  Nothing great or to write home about.

Chau e bom dia!


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