I’ve been training pretty regularly for a while and at the same time hitting my head against a wall.  I’ve gotten into this rut where my performance has been really bad.  My defense is all wrong and I have no attacks whatsoever.

The technique parts of my classes have been OK.  We’ve been working on some pretty basic stuff like defending against a guillotine or escaping the mount.  We’ve had a rash of new WBs join the school so we’ve been keeping things pretty simple.  Nothing wrong with that; it’s always good to review.  But there really hasn’t been any training of note lately that I can speak of, sometimes jiu-jitsu is just that: basic.

Sparring on the other hand has been terrible.  I’m getting my butt handed to me 30 ways from Sunday.  Ouch.  One point we were doing round robins and I got tapped 8 times in a row by 2 different PBs.  After the 8th time I stepped off the mat.  I decided that if nothing was working I was only hurting myself by continuing to try.  I come from a music background and when learning to write music you hear about stepping away when it’s not working.  You can’t force art so it’s better to stop and either work on something else or walk away completely.  So that’s what I did.

In my last training session on the 15th I was going really hard with PB Joe and afterwards my back felt really sore.  Since I herniated my disc I am very sensitive to how my back feels while I’m training and when I’m done.  I felt like I tweaked it a bit and that maybe I should take some time off.

So this week I didn’t train at all.  As I’ve said before it’s stupid to train hurt and either injure yourself worse or not heal correctly and pay for it later in life.  The only training I did was do some of the PT exercises I did after I herniated my disc and I think it did the trick.  My back feels really good and I will get back on the mat on Tuesday.

I hope to train more the week between Christmas and New Year’s, which will be great.  I’ll see how that goes.

Hope you all had a great training week.


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