Tenho Dores


What a brutal week of Jiu-Jitsu.  My goodness what a week of rough training.  I guess our Instructor felt the need to beat us up this week.  We were put through the ringer on Tuesday and Saturday.

Tuesday we worked on closing the distance to a takedown to side mount to a key lock.  Not the most brutal of techniques and transitions, but we literally did that for an hour and fifteen minutes straight.  First closing the distance; then, going for the takedown, then getting into side mount and then the key lock.  Each piece got 15 minutes.

Then, we worked on the entire movement for 20 minutes, over and over again.  It was definitely a challenge on the gas tank.  By the end I was out of gas.  The cool part was that I got to work with a new white belt who is Brazilian.  Really nice guy and we got to speak in Portuguese the entire time, which I always love.

Then, on Saturday we worked on nothing but going from being headlocked to taking the guy down, breaking the headlock and going into an armbar.  We did that literally for 50 minutes straight.  By the end my neck was so sore I could hardly turn my head.  Then, we worked on mount chokes and defenses for another 20 minutes.

Then, we were lined up, 4 of us got onto the floor and the rest got into mount.  The guy on bottom has to escape while the guy on top goes for a submission.  If you escape the attacker’s mount you stay in and keep escaping.  We did that for another 30 minutes.  I went for a good 20 minutes and did really well.

PB Todd gave me everything he had and I was able to block his attacks and eventually escaped his mount.  Twice.  It felt really good to be doing things correctly.  It felt really good to escape attacks by WBs who were out to tap you with every fiber of their being.

Class was ended and then we started the open mat.  I rolled with PB Steve and he only got me once in 6 minutes, which is a miracle for me.  Usually he’ll tap me a bunch of times, but I guess I was in the zone.  Then, I went with the new WB Tiago and he tried everything he could (and a lot of athleticism) and I just defended and then reversed him from side mount and he couldn’t get out.  It was great.  I didn’t tap him, but after I got on top I controlled him easily.

Finally, went with PB Micky and we did a lot of back and forth.  A lot.  It’s always good to do that stuff because it requires that you think 2 steps ahead.  That’s what BJJ is all about.

Although I felt good that night when I woke up the next day I could barely move.  The soreness in my neck and upper back was intense.  I had to do some loosening exercises and movements to get some feeling of comfort.  I’m still not 100%.  I can’t train on Tuesday, but will hit the mats on Thursday.

How did your training this week?  How do you cope with brutal training sessions?  Any rituals?

Chau e bom dia!


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