Bom “Rolling”


I’ve had one hell of a week.  My entire scheduled was thrown into upheaval after my presence was requested at a regional office in Indiana.  There was a 3-day meeting happening out there and I had to be there from start to finish, which means I flew out there and was in a meeting from 10AM on Tuesday to 4PM on Thursday.  Unfortunately, I was traveling with one of our executives who is very old school in that he doesn’t like cell phones or laptops so I couldn’t be productive when the meetings got to the parts that weren’t relevant to me I couldn’t be productive.  That mean I spent Thursday night and all day Friday catching up on work.  The worst part was not being able to visit a BJJ academy while out there.

So I was only able to train yesterday, which I couldn’t wait for.  We started with the escape from a bear hug.  A guy comes up and grabs you under your arms.  You step back to put yourself on an angle to them, slide your one hand beneath his chin, brace it with the other hand and push.  Where the head goes the body goes.  It’s really effective and requires NO strength at all.

If the guy hides his face, you simply push on his nose away from you.  That frikkin’ hurts.  You’d have to be born with congenital analgesia in order to be able to deal with the force applied to your nose.  Then, we moved to applying a kimora from side mount and if that doesn’t work you transition to an armbar.  If the guy on bottom tries to escape as you’re transitioning to an armbar you can go back to apply the kimora.

I couldn’t necessarily work on the last one because I was working with a brand new WB named Fabian so things were getting a little too complicated so we skipped it.  No big deal.  It’s not like I won’t be able to work on that sometime in the future.

We then started the open mat and the reason for the title on this post.  I was in the zone something fierce.  I first paired up with WB Mark who is good, but uses a lot of strength, which is something I’m not particular good with.  However, I was able to control him without relying on strength and even tapped him twice.

After that I went twice with PB Kevin who usually owns me, but I was able to hold my own.  The first time I stayed in his guard, which is very difficult to pass; however, I defended all of his attacks and sweeps effectively.  The 2nd time was more of the same; however at one point I pulled him into side mount and let him mount me.  I defended really well and eventually he went for an inverted triangle and I flipped him off me and ended up in his guard.  He attempted a triangle and I stacked him up and escaped it into side mount.  He was able to get me back in his guard and I worked on defending other attacks from there.  The buzzer sounded and I was done.  Not bad for me.

Hope ya’ll had more productive time training that I did this week, but next week will be better for my schedule so I’m going to make it as productive as possible.

Chau e bom dia!



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