Eu Escapei do Monte


I was only able to train on Saturday this week and boy was it a good one.  We started with closing the distance between you and an attacker and then going for a takedown.  I had a little trouble with that because I’m used to keeping my left foot forward (I’m right handed), but our Instructor wanted us to keep our right foot forward.  I kept having to reset myself and I let the change throw me off.

Then, we moved to escaping the mount; one basic version and one slightly advanced.  The basic version was the bump and roll.  As an attacker goes for a choke you grab their wrist, grab the elbow, raise your hips, as their weight ships up above your head you roll them over.  The 2nd version involves the attacker blocking the bump and roll by sticking his leg out.  That allows you to go for an elbow escape.

The techniques are great and mount escapes are something that I enjoy reviewing regardless how many times we do it.  That portion of the class lasted about 40 minutes.  That amount of time repeating the techniques over and over is just great.

Then, we did mount escape drills.  Everyone lines up.  Three guys laid down (I was one of them) and the guys coming off the wall would get into mount and try to submit you.  If you got to half guard or escape either by a bump and roll or an elbow escape it was over and if you escaped the mount you stayed in and kept escaping.

I did really well in this portion of the class.  My first opponent his this new guy named Navid who came from another school as a BB.  He’s very flexible and goes for a lot of unorthodox moves.  He’s very big on trying for a triangle from the mount.  I just defended as best I could and waited.

I’ve been going through some introspection lately about how I have to get out of the habits of forcing an escape or panicking.  I think I’m really listened to myself because that’s exactly what I did.  I waited and was able to roll Navid.  Then, with each subsequent opponent I was able to get out from under their mount.  I even got out from PB Kevin’s mount and I always have trouble with him.  I was in the zone or something.

Then, we did the open mat and the same thing.  I started with Kevin first and just defended as much as possible until the time ran out.  He’s very aggressive and he fights like crazy to keep people in his guard.  Obviously, I have a hard time passing it and at one point he swept me from the mount and I just kept defending.  Then, I went with PB Micky and he tapped me with one of the tightest triangles I’ve ever experience.  Holy moly.  Then, I a WB named Aaron asked about how to roll properly so I was showing him a little bit.

I emphasized a couple of things like not using strength and that at his level he should focus on defense versus attacks.  I also showed him where to properly place his arms and legs when in different positions.  He seemed to get it and hopefully will remember that when he decides to roll.  We’ll see.

Chau e bom dia!


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